Thank you for expressing your interest to participate in our Mentoring Program.
Our application for Mentee will open in August 1st, and application for mentor is open around the year.
Meanwhile, you are welcome to send us an email to express your interest. In the form below, please select “Mentee” or”Mentor”  in the interest form.

For Mentees

Becoming a mentee in VisCorps is a very selective progress. As a rule of thumb, our idea candidates are High School Seniors who have:

Executive Leadership Experience: of leading 4 or more people
Responsibility: of hosting a program costing a budget of $10,000
A History of Public Service: just not necessary as a career goal

For Mentors

We have a set of criteria for inviting qualified mentors into our big family. We look for Young Professionals and Graduate Students who are:

On Path for Success: knowing why and how you want to live your life
Passion for Mentoring: demonstrate desire to enlighten and care for others
Leadership Accomplishments: have experience managing team or budgets

Mentoring Program Interest Form

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself. You may email directly