Viscorps Leadership Group (VisCorps) is a non-profit youth leadership development organization that builds young adults through the unique mentoring program. We aim to construct a network of highly motivated and diverse young leaders, by building our students with basic leadership characters and helping them to plan their life for success.


Eric Ding - Founder of VisCorpsIn 2012, my dreamed goal of serving United States Marine Corps ended with a permeant medical disqualification after 2 heat strokes that almost took my life. Returning to the civilian life, I was ill prepared to enter the work force. I didn’t know how to network and how to apply for jobs.
At the time, I did not have a concrete career plan for my future. As a result, I wondered aimlessly in the professional world. My lifetime goal is to make serve my country as a public servant. I wanted to make the world a better place, but had a hard time of doing it when I could barely pay my own bills. Fortunately, I had a many wise mentors in my life who acted as role model in my life, guided me eventually back onto the pass of success. I see a bright future of attending law school and work as a lawyer to achieve financial stability and gravitate towards public service.

In honor of mentors who have made a different in my life, I vowed to create a non-profit organization to connect volunteer mentors with students who might not have the my luck of having wonderful mentors in his/her life – to mentor young leaders who have demonstrated passion to contribute back to society.

I have contemplate about theory of mentoring. How to mentor youth effectively. There is a fine line between being too assertive, which might stir a sense of rebellion from the mentee, and too passive, which defeats the purpose of mentoring. Along with the challenge of find good relationship balance, such that mentees will be open themselves up to you, without losing your authority.

Being a mentor is a science – a science that VisCorps Leadership Group specializes in.

– Eric Ding, Executive Director, Founder of VisCorps


Provide a network that helps talented young leaders to achieve success faster, in order to allow them contribute back to society faster.
For Young Professional Interested to Mentor – on the reactive-end of selection process
Mentee Selection – Provide channels to reach out to high-caliber students
Socialization – Gather like-minded professionals from diverse fields
Mentoring Structure – Provide effective mentoring methods and mentoring workshops
For Mentees – Have leadership skills but need guidance for stable career
Life Development – Instruct students on social etiquettes
Career Planning – Have more concrete vision towards their future
Diversity – Introduce diversity of nationality, career, and opinions to students.
For Society – Easy to gather capital, but hard to find talent
Inspiration – Encourage students to continue their public service.
Talent Bank – Provide a concentrated pool for talent for organization to recruit from