Mentor for Success

We are like the Big Brother Big Sister Program for talented student leaders - providing free one-on-one mentoring program to develop the next generation of leaders

1. Career Plan Development

"So what is your definition for success?" How can you prepare for "success" when you don't know what "success" is? Chat with mentors one-on-one to define your "success" and walk the path.

2. Connect with the World

"What does the world have to offer?" Learning diverse perspective from our mentor from a wide range of professions and backgrounds - bankers to artists, U.S. to Middle East, state college to Ivys.

3. Return as a Mentor

"Contribute back!" We invite our alumni, who have clear definitions for success and are on path to achieve greatness. Join us after you graduate from college; make the world a better place with us.

"We bring young leaders to success faster so they can contribute back earlier" - Eric Ding, Executive Director
"Teaching is the best way to learn - I enjoyed being a VisCorps mentor" - Nikhita Kamatha, VisCorps Mentor
"I feel the program gives everyone a fair opportunity to succeed in life" - Peaches Falconer, VisCorps Mentee